What Can You Do For Your Baby’s First Christmas?

Christmas is overrated with the commercial hype for “the best gift” and parties. But it is an event where the whole family should come together and celebrate the spirit of giving. In the same essence, what to give your kids for Christmas? They are not big enough to ask for something, but they are grown up enough to know they also should get some gift for this time of the year. So choose wisely as you do not want to be in the wrong side of their affection over a small present.

A card

If you are in the habit of doing family Christmas cards, this time you can do a special one with your baby. It is not the actual gift for the baby, but it sure will be a memorable event not to mention too cute for words. You can actually write one out to them and keep it so they can see it when grown up. Apart from the actual gift, try personalised christmas baubles for decoration for them. They can decorate the tree with ball ornaments with their name on it or have a few reindeer. Santa hats look cute with their names too.

Clothing and activities

Gear up Christmas with the baby in holiday themed sleepwear and other clothing. Their stocking could be beautifully embroidered with their names too. You can start a tradition such as reading a classic to them, or better yet, watch it with them. Taking them out to the mall to see Santa is great too. Even though they don’t know who it is right now, it will be fun to see how they enjoyed being on Santa’s lap once they do get to know who it is.

What about the actual gift?

There are many gift ideas and you will definitely buy a load of toys for them. But try something special so they can cherish it for the rest of their lives and maybe pass it down to the next generation too. Something like a personalised jigsaw puzzle where the item of the puzzle is their pet name or favourite toy. Ensure you make the puzzle with a lot of colours but at the same time they must not be able to be choked on it.

Take as many pictures as you can! Try to get them in to that Christmas outfit you bought for them and have the seasonal signals as the background. Use the tree, mantelpiece with the stockings hung from it, snowy lawn, anything! Make sure to record the moments where the little ones decorate the tree or when they find their gifts under it. Those unique moments will come once in a lifetime and you will treasure them forever.