Wear It To Impress, Wear It To Get Your Feet Kicking

Theme parties are demanding in the extreme at times. You need to look for the perfect dress, you need to do your hair and makeup, and you need to match it up against a gorgeous pair of footwear. The last of these is extremely important. More often than not, people tend to dismiss the importance of the footwear part of the costume as trivial. This notion should not be entertained. The grandiosity of the rest of the costume and your physical appearance might get married to varying degrees if you pay little attention to this, with is a shame after all the trouble people go through for these things. Why obliterate your magnificent complete look by that one out of place oddity? Treat yourself a little better and go for something that agrees with your conscience, and body; but all in good taste. It can’t be that hard. 

Why be too conservative with anything?

A theme party is a theme party: you can impress nothing and no one by stepping onto the dance floor sporting the most daringly inappropriate dance accessories online you can find. It is a not actually a statement of your independence and natural indifference, or rather your superior intelligence or your absolute lack of frivolity; it is indeed a foolish attempt (deliberate or otherwise) of displaying your ignorance and overall foolishness. Don’t always pander to what you are absolutely comfortable with? What is the point in life if you are not willing to go big sometimes, if are unwilling to experiment a little and step out of your comfort zone? Would it not be rather dull? Then, if you are thinking of wearing the same old pair of stilettos to the next party that you have been invited to, think again: am I really doing myself a favor by doing this? Ask yourself; do I really not have the capacity to sweat a little and buy something extra nice for myself, for I really work hard: now I need to play? 

You don’t need to own a million to look like a million

Here is the dangerous myth: to buy dancewear you have to spend half you pay cheque. There are plenty of online stops that you can browse, sometimes with extra attractive discounts that may display the right dancewear for you: shoes, headgear, costumes, etc. Check this out if your looking for the best dancing accessories

Even in your Sunday morning lazy state, you sure can fire up you mobile device to look these up in a couple of apps at your disposal: it will be worth it. Invest in your happiness.