Special Ways In Which You Can Make Your Birthday Bash More Fun And Unique

If celebrating a birthday has always been a simple event of cutting a cake and inviting friends over for evening tea, then it is about time you change things up for the better. Once in a while, it is alright to go beyond your limits and throw an extraordinary birthday bash to make sure your friends and family know you can definitely throw a party, but mostly to make yourself happy on your birthday. A reason most people do not like to think outside the box and go beyond the basic birthday cake is mainly because of expenses. Yes throwing a good party does cost you a bit, but you do deserve to treat yourself too. Here’s how to make your birthday extra fun and extra special!

Décor – Instead of trying to decorate your birthday event in a normal and basic way, try to do something vastly different. You can decide on a theme you personally like and go with decorating the place according to your theme. If you can afford to do so, try to get a small bubble machine that will make sure your party guests are surrounded by birthday bubbles! It will be a unique and extremely fun thing to do and will make sure guests super happy as well. You can hang a few piñatas somewhere too as this would make guests excited about breaking it open. Invest in a durable machine as well, this is not exactly decoration but it will definitely make people excited about the party. Creating a mood that makes people excited is key.

Food – Your birthday cake needs to be different and eye catching as well, so when you get one made make sure you tell them to make it so. Keep alcoholic & non – alcoholic drinks lined up and try to get an ice maker machine to keep drinks cold too. Keeping drinks cold and supplying ice for drinks is a vital part of food and drink management at a party. The food for the party needs to go with the theme you are going with, so it matches the party well. Try to get caterers to make different assortments of different food, so that the people who attend the party can easily help themselves to food they like best.

Fun – You can plug a screen on at the party and set up a karaoke singing competition so guests could go up to the screen and sing their heart out. You can also get a DJ to play good music and lead all the guests to the dance floor, after all no party is a proper party with no dancing. At the end of the party, you can even present guests with small gift bags as well.