Popular Racing Events In The World

Speed has always interested us. Speed is exciting and enjoyable. There are many racing events in the world that people enjoy. Olympics aside these events are watched by millions. They have many followers and people are confident enough to gamble and bet on the winner before the races. Some have existed for a long time and some are relatively new. Over the years these events have become strict with many rules and regulations to limit unfairness and cheating. Further technology has been a driving factor in most of these events. Here’s a list of popular racing events in the world.

Horse racing is one of the oldest racing events. Since ancient times horse racing has been a popular event. There are texts and writings of many civilizations on horse racing. Horse racing events are very popular and one of the favourite events for betting. Betting plays a large part in horse racing and is still popular to this day. Horses are specifically bred for racing and usually after retiring the horse the owner may sell it for stud.The most popular horse race events are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Not only popular this is also one of the largest horse race events in the world. In some cases a horse and its rider are able to win all three of these events consecutively. The winner is awarded the prestigious Triple Crown title.

Bike racing events come in different variations. Out of these events the MotoGP and the Motocross are the most popular. The MotoGP is based on road racing and the Motocross is based on off road racing. There are special gears for protection such as protective motorcycle body armour in Australia, helmets, gloves etc.These events require specialise bikes and there are circuits and tracks world over. MotoGP bikes are usually high speed prototype racing bikes that aren’t commercially available and Motocross requires trailer bikes to withstand rough riding. Being an annual event to become the champion the rider has to take part in all the events and needs to have the highest points.

Points are counted based on timing, position and for penalties points are cut down. These events are highly advertised are they are advertised on the bikes, motocross jerseys in Australia and on tracks. Auto racing is one of the most popular racing events in the world. Million flock to see these events. There are varieties of auto racing events from F1, Daytona, off road, Supercars Championship and the list goes on. For single seater racing the F1 is the most popular event. These are one of the fastest vehicles that are highly modified according to the rules and regulations.Even though F1 is the most popular there are other events that are stated above that are watched are many. Auto racing has been so popular that there have been music, movies and even Illegal Street racing that have taken place capitalising on its popularity.