Impress Your Key Clients- Tips For A Sales Professional

If you are a sales person your job will include travelling to places to meet your customers. According to the industry you are in the type of customers you have will vary. If you are a high-end apartment dealer or a marketing person for wealth management or investment banking you will be serving high-value customers. Apart from the clients you will have opinion leaders and opinion formers also to make happy.

Reasons for you to do it?

Sales is not an easy business task. People will definitely buy the basic need items such as food and shelter. Without much pushing they will go for an automobile as well. But when it comes to, say, wealth management, you’d have to persuade a person to become your client. This is true for luxury apartments and credit cards like products too. Opinion leaders and formers are the professionals in a certain industry. If they say something or hold a certain view other people tend to believe them. In that scenario if you are a sales personnel for apartments you should reach out to engineers and if you sell medicines or infant milk, you should reach out to doctors and pharmacists. You can make them happy by visiting with fruit hampers Sydney or a similar gift.

Why it is not a bribe?

People tend to think that gifting a professional and having an impression on him about your product and brand is a sort of bribing. But when it comes to sales and marketing, there are various methods to sell your product. Public should have a view on the brand and there should be a PR or Public Relations team to take care of that view; users view and experience the products in different ways. And there is no way the seller can manage their experience other than give them the best product they can. But there is a way a seller can use well-known marketing principle to manage the “bad press” that could get out if just a single person didn’t have a positive experience. Since dealing with one person’s view- if they haven’t said it out in the public- is impossible, use of professionals as a precautionary step is done. People who receive these gifts of course have the option of saying good things about the brand, if not they can stay quiet. It is a voluntary method and not a coercive one.

Suitable and unsuitable approaches

Why this method has received public criticism is because a handful of people use it in an unsuitable way. It is highly unprofessional to build relationships with a professional, based on personal contacts; as in, if your cousin is a doctor and you want him or her to promote your brand just because of the relationship you have, of course people will look at it in a negative way. Things to be given out also lead to troubles. We have heard of instances where some experts getting cars as gifts. This is taking things too far. If you can have an edible arrangements delivery that will be more than enough. Good sales people are hard to find. If you can develop yourself to become one there will be ample opportunities to climb the career ladders quicker than you expect.