Find Best Wholesale Suppliers In Australia

Wholesale is a bulk sale business which provides goods, clothes, food, even everything at very reasonable prices to the retailers. They are the main player in the whole supply chain. They have the huge godown to store the items in large quantity in a safer place and also give the items less than the price in the market. Sometimes retailers try to skip the wholesaler and contact directly to the manufacturers to cut the additional profit of wholesaler but they have not enough space and management system to place the items and even don’t have measures to save the product from the perspective damage. After cost and benefit analysis, they found a wholesaler a lifesaver in this matter because they cannot bear the huge damage to save a little cost. 

Let’s see the possible cost a retailer may face if he skips the wholesaler from the line: 

  • Manufacturers normally sell the items in the lots, and this is far greater than for a retailer to sell in a given time. It definitely bounds the huge investment of the retailer in it as well as they have not enough space to store it or they have hired a godown which may be more costly for him. 
  • Manufacturing units usually are far from the cities which may cost you higher for the delivery. However, wholesaler drop the items at your doorstep in a reasonable quantity for weeks 
  • The wholesaler has products from different manufacturers, and if the retailer tries to buy by himself become more complex and expensive. It would cost them their time as well because at that time he could spend on his store to do what he can do best. 


Wholesale suppliers are thousands in number, some are domestic and others are overseas suppliers. The benefit of domestic suppliers is less delivery time required, no communication barrier and overseas suppliers may offer cheaper rates due to the lower manufacturing cost. You can choose the best supplier in the online directory, through the referrals and trade show but it definitely needs a thorough study.  

There are many wholesaler suppliers available online which are among the best in their region. Same as Spicy Sugar is a renowned wholesale clothing suppliers for retailers, they are offering a large variety of women apparels with a couple of brands (Teaberry and New Cover). Teaberry and New Cover are focusing on the middle age women however Spicy Sugar is the line of young female’s clothing designs. Their products are high in quality and trendy at the same time. They have roots in all over Australia and offers free shipping anywhere in the country. They are most trustworthy and professional in their work and famous among the retailers. Ecommece-stuff