Carpet Buying Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Are you about to buy rugs for your new house? As you might have heard, leaving the selection of rugs for the very end is not recommended: this way, the décor in your house might eclipse the beauty of the rug (when it should be making a grand statement). Likewise, there are a number of other mistakes people tend to make when buying rugs; below are some of them:

Picking the wrong size – the number one mistake homeowners tend to make when buying floor rugs is simply picking the wrong size. Dimensions are an important aesthetic to consider when selecting a rug, as a wrong-sized rug – whether too big or too small – can greatly alter the overall appeal of a room. For example, a rug that is too big can dwarf the other elements in the room, whereas one that is too small can simply look as a poor fit amidst large furniture. As a rule of thumb, if the front legs of the furniture items in the room are on the rug, that is the correct size. As such, make it a point to take measurements before you go visit the rug store. Visit for more large pink rug.

Picking the wrong type – another common mistake that is often made is with regards to the type of rug being bought. Rugs are made of different materials, and some are naturally more sturdy than others. As homeowners, it is important to consider where the rug will be placed – for example, a usually busy area with constant traffic flow, such as the living room, or one which is prone to experiencing spills and the like, such as the kitchen, benefits from a sturdy, easy to clean rug (e.g. wool rugs). On the other hand, more delicate varieties of rugs (e.g. silk rugs) are better suited to lesser used rooms such as offices and studies. Furthermore, if you have pets and deal with a lot of shedding, it might be worthwhile to invest in a natural rugs Sydney of a similar colour (e.g. if you have a dog with white fur, a black rug would be a very poor choice practically).

Sticking to one theme or choosing too many – if you have visited a rug shop, you will probably be amazed at the incredible variety of choices. That being said, do not make the mistake of picking rugs with wildly different themes for your house, but similarly, do not stick to a single theme either. For areas in your house that are connected (these often being the corridor, the living room and the kitchen) opt for rugs with complementary designs so as to avoid having ‘jarring’ themes. On the other hand, for more isolated, separated spaces in the house, you can go ahead and pick different themes (e.g. modern rugs and Oriental rugs).